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I just received my bill from Comcast-Xfinity whatever name they are calling themselves now. I noticed a $7.95 HD Technology Fee, I called to find out what this was but never really got an answer except all companies charge it.

This is on top of the $7.95 each for the 2 HD boxes I have. Plus in speaking with the rep I was told I also pay for the digital box I was told was FREE three months ago.

The rep had no idea what I was talking about and said they were never free. I use to pay $68.00 for basic cable and I'm now up to $96 and haven't changed anything because of MY choice, its all been because of changes Comcast made.

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I know how you feel. EVERY month my Comcast/ Xfinity (???!!!) bill changes from the prior month, wihtout any changes initiated on my part.

When speaking with representatives from the company, I get get a different story from each person I talk to!

Recently, I finally received a total of $60.00+ in credits for billing errors over the past four months. Everybody at this company has a different story...Very, very frustrating.

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