Knoxville, Tennessee
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So i get the letter saying they're switching our area to digital. Oooo digital. Ok. sure. hey! they give me 3 free boxes.. sounds good. whatever. i'll hook them all up.

And now...

The large box they give is the only 'good' one as it actually has features the old analog didnt have. However it isnt a very good device. Lots of blocking and signal loss on perfect brand new wires. Nothing comcast will do unless i buy their 'insurance' service for a new monthly fee.

The small boxes have zero features. zero. can't even remove all the *** shopping channels from the list anymore.

Other things..

Can't flip thru channels quickly anymore. It's a good 1-2 second delay every time you change channels.

Can't record with a vcr at all anymore. All the comcast boxes put out the AGC copyright protection which will make any recording fade in/out over and over. Only their dvr box (extra monthly cost, not free) will allow recording ANYTHING. And even then what's allowed to be recorded is extremely limited.

Lose all local HD channels that comcast does not offer as the boxes block all other input. It won't even pass the old analong signals along.

Prone to cutouts and other problems that reactivation will fix sometimes.

Oh but you get more channels! No you dont. you get extra garbage nobody is going to watch.

And why did i get sold a digital tv last time i bought one.. A tv on comcast requires no tuner. It's just a monitor that shows channel 3 only. Everything is done thru their *** little boxes.

Comcast is the worst. Comcast digital is even worse if that's possible.

I think its about time to cancel tv completely. This is expensive, less features, more money, and not as good as the old analog stuff.

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Keasbey, New Jersey, United States #361484

What is a vcr? people still use those?

Can't change channels as fast? is that a real complaint?

The little boxes dont have any "features"? what kind of features did you lose by hooking them up...

save space for people with real problems please...


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