Vancouver, Washington

Suddenly my digital video recorders are rendered useless and I can't watch my favorite news shows because Comcast has been allowed by our government to let them "switch to digital" and not continue to dispense local news in analog for people without the need or the money or the wish to go to digital. And they have been allowed to go to digital in such a way that they can keep you from using your own DVRs and now you have to rent one from them and pay a montly fee for use- which is proof it is not the taping they object to, it is your "free" taping they object to.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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We are having the same issue. We cannot afford to pay more for tv than we already are, so 'renting' their equipment is out of the question.

I am really disappointed that my recorders are now useless - all of the shows I watched were taped and watched at times other than when they aired. I want to try the digital antennae and if we get the same channels as our very basic cable, then drop Comcast all together.


What DVRs are you trying to use? Also, my cable offers 3 seperate channels for each local channel, only one of which is digital. Are you sure you still don't have local channels?