Albuquerque, New Mexico
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I have the new comcast digital converters in my house and am frustrated with the quality and service. My HD tv no longer picks up the locally broadcasted HD channels...

they've all been "converted" to grainy garbage. Also, the volume is not synced with the video, which is really irritating. Worse is when the volume goes away altogether. My husband and I called comcast and had the service rep on speaker phone.

We explained the poor quality, unsynced video/sound and unpredictable "muting" to the rep. You could hear the embarrassment in his voice while he explained that "yes, it's some times like that." I asked him if we should expect this regularly, that is, some times not having any sound???? His reply, "or not good sound. But, the digital channel box (upgrade/monthly rental fee) never has those issues." It just happened again tonight, and I came to the computer to order the upgraded digital channel box...

thought to issue a complaint instead... out of principle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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Its a free DTA unhook it and connect your cable direct *** if you dont want to use a free device. Its a digital transport adapter so its not going to give you hd service. your a *** *** as well


My daughter (Nashville area) has the same problem and was told they would have to lay a new line to her house (at her expense)specifically for the second cable converter box.

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