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We have limited cable with Comcast. In November 2009 they made us get a digital adapter.

At the time, they told us it was free. I asked several times. We had trouble installing it due to some channel problems, so we had to pay for someont to come out (they could have told us how to fix it on the phone). Now it is January 2010.

They started charging us for the adapter, and said they wanted it back because we only have limited service.

Wait a minutes, we had to pay to get it - and now we have to give it back. What's the problem here?

Any comments, let me know at CWar.5.destwar@spamgourmet.com

Monetary Loss: $50.

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It's way worse being an employee. A fat sup named Kim Edwards in the Lynnwood, WA call center sent email asking for off the clock work.

Employees who complained got fired but she still works there.

We are winning a class action lawsuit. Call retention department and ask for discounts/promotions.


This is TOTAL BS. I had to go get the digital adapter.

Comcast just disabled all of the functions I purchased with my TV. However, you can get them back by paying another $9 a month per TV to UPGRADE to a full HD Box that will perform the same function.

They say it is so they can provide better service. It is a total ripoff. They have figured out a way to make it inconvenient and make you pay to get the convenience back.


This should be cause for a class action lawsuit.

It's not about the money. I would spend $2,000 of my own money to go after these @&&holes.


:) I had to get a digital adapter for my extra tv in my bedroom it was no charge and really easy to set up and activate. only problem is you have to use the comcast remote that comes with the adapter!

you may want to call the 1800 comcast number and tell them about your local comcast dicking you around. best of luck!

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