they promised a "forever" rate to us as long as we didn't move-so we agreed after they called us and interrupted our dinner for this. they said it would be 14.99 total a month and it's now $42.80 at the 6 month mark and to be raised to $65+ in another 6 months at the 1 year mark.

then they said it was only going to be for 3 years after hours on the phone with them.

then they reduced it to 6 months and we are cancelling because the liars at this awful company cannot keep its word. i hope they go under or get bought out by another better company.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Oh boy, Luci. You don't have to sit around for days, waiting for them to review anything.

Write to them and mail it CRR, tell them that you want a copy of the recording and that they have 10 tens to provide it or the matter is over. You than tell them what you are going to pay and the matter goes away. People, there are laws in place to care for us as customers. Find them and use them, that is what there for.

BBB, FCC, EEOC, NACCP, COC, Pen & Paper. The world is fine, the people in it, are out of control.


They did the same thing to me, I called and they will look in to that phone conversation that we all know is recorded. I will have the answer in 5 days and let you guys know how it went.

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