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I have been a Comcast customer for a few years. I moved and returned all of the equipment.

Some clerical error in your system showed my equipment as being unreturned and Comcast sent a 580.00 bill to collections. Collections never called me and Comcast never billed me. So guess what? I got a KD on my credit report and a drop from 748 to 629 for no reason.

I found this error while in the process of applying for a mortgage for a home. Now I am not getting a prime rate because of Comcast's mishap. I cant even get a decent rate credit card with this score. This is the only mishap on my credit report.

I am jumping through hoops just to get documentation that this was a Comcast error and was never in collections.

So of no fault of my own, just being a great customer, returning my equipment and paying my bill on time every month, my credit is destroyed. No one will contact me.

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I had the exact same issue. Here's the deal, when Comcast realizes that you will no longer be a customer they push through a scam to bilk you of further $$$$ by creating a balance for "unreturned equipment" or "past due bill" which they immediately send to collections.

They don't notify you at all and it usually happens within days of returning all the equipment etc. So you have no chance to challenge Comcast directly about this. Once its in collections, they don't want to talk to you. Whats even more annoying is that their internal collections department is unreachable.

No phone, no email, no fax, just a PO Box. This is by design. So in the age of email, Twitter and IM, Comcast prefers you send a letter, mail it in, and hope that you get a response a month later. They've done the math on this and realized <20% of victims go that route and send letters.

Usually, victims find out about this credit abuse by Comcast in the midst of a mortgage application or a car purchase. Most people would rather get the matter resolved immediately under those circumstances. So in your case Comcast got another $580 from a customer that's no longer with them. This is a very good revenue stream for the company.

Its part of their business model because they know people depend on access to credit and need to have good FICO scores. There's no oversight of this stuff. No FDA, CFPB, SEC etc to put Comcast to task here. They see a vulnerable former customer who can be fleeced before going completely out the door and they do their scam.

This happens way more than you think. I have data suggesting that >82% of customers not retained by Comcast have billing or equipment issues that suddenly pop up via collections. Verizon and others have similar business models.

Its pathetic and it will take years for Congress to take action as they've done against Banks for overdraft fees for instance. Until then, you are on your own.

Hope things work out for you!

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