Reston, Virginia

I paid my account through my bank online. My bank had the correct account number, but Comcast deposited the money in someone else's account.

My bank faxed them the proof a month ago with the account number it was deposited into. They sat on it for 2 weeks until I got another cutoff notice. After searching everywhere, they found it. Promised me they would research it.

Fast forward 2 more weeks and several phone calls later and still no satisfaction. I called last week and the supervisor was too afraid to get on the phone with me. They said they had no proof of payment even though the account had comments that stated it had been sent to research.

To date, no one has ever called me back and now they say I owe over $500 because I told them I wouldn't pay anything until I get my $371 credited.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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After moving, we suddenly had this mysterious negative balance with Comcast for undreds of dollars. It has been going on for 9 months!

Finally, after shutting me off, then giving me several different excuses, they credited me a couple lost payments to the tune of $240. Then after nine months of incorrect bills I finally have it worked out right? WRONG! they billed me for internet this month, but instead of having 240 - 45 = balance of 195...

my balance is now 129!?!?!?! Comcast is BY FAR the worst company I have ever had to deal with in my entire lifetime. I already switched my phone and got directTV, but I have to have broadband. As God as my witness the very day there is an alternative to Comcast for internet here I am cancelling them and throwing a party.

BTW, those comcast services that I mentioned cancelling, they continued to bill me on for months!

What a bunch of fargin' idiots! GGRRRRR!!!!!!

Kemnay, Scotland, United Kingdom #30005

I had the exact thing happen to me,even after the bank faxed them a copy & confirmation number from my account I was once again shut off because even tho I was current according to them I was 58 days over due&there computer automatically does it...good luck,you're gonna need it,we disconnected completely&happily

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