Atlanta, Georgia

Two and a half weeks ago, we contacted Comcast about getting internet and t.v. service at our rental home. We liked the ability to have OnDemand which was the main reason we wanted Comcast. We were told a surveyor had to come to the property to ensure service could be provided. Last week, we get a phone call from Comcast that said the surveyor had been out, our home was serviceable, and did we want to set up an account? Sure. We scheduled the installation time, and that was that.

A few days ago, the installer comes out, looks around, and says, "you can't have Comcast here." We told him that Comcast said we could based on the surveyor's findings. The installer questioned us and didn't believe us: he asked us what the surveyor said, exactly. I told him I didn't know because we weren't home when he came (Comcast said we didn't have to be.) Installer left, and I called Comcast.

Comcast said they would send a supervisor out the next evening at a designated time. Before I had even left work that day, I had a voicemail from Comcast. Apparently, a supervisor and a surveyor decided to randomly head out to our home (a private farm) and conduct their own inspection without having called first.

Sure....our home was serviceable...if we wanted to pay a little over $7500 to have cable run from the main road to our home. They wanted to know when they could get started. I told them we were renters, and we did not want to pay for that so would just cancel our order altogether. They asked if the property owner would pay, and they were confused as to why someone wouldn't pay $7500 to have cable service (when there are other service providers out there that we DO qualify for and have opted to use them.)

So when Comcast says your home is "serviceable," ask how. Had I know it would be this much of a pain in the neck, we would have opted for satellite/DSL two and a half weeks ago.

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