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Comcast purposely cut our TV, Internet and Phone Service because our line caused an outage to a node. We contacted Comcast 3X's about no service in a 36 hour window and they could not communicate to us why we had no service. We insisted a tech come out ASAP. The tech finds a yellow tag on our line stating Wicked Noise so it was disconnected. The tech goes through the house and tests all of our tv's. He says an analog tv in our basement is going bad, so he disconnected cable from it and service is magically Restored.

Why didn't the tech who cut off our service notify us? He was at the house directly behind us. He could have come to our home and done the same exact thing as this tech did and the problem would have been resolved w/o any further service interruption. We work from home and he did not ring our bell or leave a Comcast tag about this issue. THis is poor communication and negligence for a communication company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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Likely the tech who disconnected you was a line tech fixing an outage, they typically do not go into houses.

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