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To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a loyal customer to Comcast for the past three years. My husband and I have had difficulty in the past when it came to help with our service and were disappointed but remained with Comcast service.

This last issue was the last straw we had with your company. This all started a week ago. I had a live chat with one of your customer service reps, Pamela. She was very helpful with me when I informed her that we were going to be moving and needed our services moved from one place to another. She informed me that the earliest time they had was to come out on Monday October 5th from 1-3pm. The hours did not work for us since we both work 8-5pm jobs, which is the norm. She informed me that she would make a note in the job to have the technician arrive between the hours of 4pm -6pm, which worked for us because my husband could leave a little early to arrive.

October 5th

Monday comes around and my husband and I are both at work. He is planning on leaving work early so he can be home at 4pm to be there for Comcast.


I am in a meeting at work when I receive a phone call. When I am at work, as anyone, you don't take personal calls especially in a meeting. Once I got out of the meeting I informed my husband that a particular number called me and that he should call back to see if it is Comcast. First of all there was no message left for me. I gave the number to my husband, he called and no one answered, it was a personal cell phone. This is the number 1-630-726-3318.


My husband is at home waiting for the Comcast technician to show up. I arrive and it is now 5:30pm, no technician. Finally 7:15pm rolls around and we are getting upset so we call Comcast. The answer we received is that "the technician called you at 4:20pm and that we missed our appointment" We informed the representative that this is not true. Our phone clearly shows that they called at 3:30pm. Now why would a technician call us 30 min before the time? They informed us "they call before they come set up" I was not told this at all. You can review my chat transcript and you can see that I was not informed that a technician would call and this is the only way they would come out. On top of that, why would the technician not leave a message? Another thing, when we called the technician right back, why was there no answer? Very poor customer service on your end. I strongly believe you should get a hold of this technician and inform him of his poor communication skills. How does this end up being our fault and constitute as us missing our appointment. I should say absolutely NOT!!!

We were on the phone with 5 different representatives who were all unable to help us. Why should we have to wait another week, Friday was the next available date, for mistake on your end?? I find it very hard to believe that there was not a single technician who could have been there the following day. Instead we get a response from a manager "Let me call you back in an hour to see what we can do" The time was 8:00pm


No phone call. This was ridiculous. A manager did not call us back that evening. How can management not even take care of a problem or have the courtesy to return a phone call. They informed us that our issue was escalated. If this were true, a Manager would have called us back that night. Don't say one thing and then not follow through.

October 6th

We are awaiting a phone call from Comcast. I make sure to have my phone on me at WORK to ensure that someone will call and that I don't miss a representative.

I receive a call at 3:18pm from 1-800-266-2278. It's an automated message from Comcast informing me that if I don't return my equipment to the nearest Comcast drop off I will have to endure $500 charges. No the call I was expecting. It's clear that Account Management is not a top priority to Comcast. Why would I receive a phone call relating to an entire different issue?

I inform my husband to call Comcast to find out what's going on. A representative informed us that someone would call us by 7:00pm that evening to reschedule a time.


7:00pm rolls around and there is once again no phone call. WE have to call Comcast again to help. Why would the customer have to call again when promised a phone call from a MANAGER. We get on the phone again and once again they can't reschedule us for an immediate time. We ask to speak to a Manager and apparently all the Managers were busy. So they informed us they would call back.


We have had it with Comcast and their lack of Customer service, Client Account Management and the Managers themselves. Why could no one have been able to help us?? There is no reason as to why a customer has to endure all of this just to have their services transferred over.

So we decide to become proud customers of Direct TV. Who is able to get someone out to us the following day!! It's funny because they asked who was previous provider and we said Comcast, and they informed us that they have received many new clients from Comcast due to their lack of customer service.


We call Comcast to have our service cancelled. And then they have the nerve to ask why. Well maybe if the representative would have seen information about our account a question like that would not have been asked. So we explained again and she looked at our account and said "well it appears you missed your appointment" It's apparently obvious that whoever has been helping with our account and Comcast for that matter, believe that WE are at Fault. Now I ask you after reading all of this, put yourselves in our shoes and imagine how irritated and how much time has been wasted on your part, is this our fault??

Comcast, I think that this corporation better figure out how to handle their accounts and have every personnel going through training and learn the basics such as:

"¢ Leaving a message

"¢ Answering a telephone

"¢ Making promises you keep.

I assure you that if there are not changes made within this company, your clientele will significantly drop. Let me be the first to say that I am going to be mailing this letter to as many people as I know and include several copies to your corporate, better business bureau and our local newspapers.

This is not a proper way to run a business. There is nothing that can be done to fix this issue that could have been solved easily within that first hour of this problem. Instead your company was blaming US!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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I moved last year. There was no phone line in my appartment. A new line had to be laid from the node in to th building and then in to my appartment.

I waited 10 months! hmmmmm your few days make me laugh. Please post all over I need the laugh.

Good lord you got the run around a little. I spent 10 months paying for parking, driving in to the shop weekly, wasting my time and money for 10 FREAKING MONTHS! You have a few days? Please.

Why moan and slobber? You switched and you should be happy. Do you have a problem with lack of attention? There's medication for that. You should get some. You need it. BADLY!

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