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Ok now I kind of like Comcast's internet but am going to cut them loose. Here is my story of dealing with incompetent idiots.

Well about six months ago I bought a new house and transfered my service. Not a problem and they were actually pretty helpful. I have always just paid my bill with online banking at BofA. About two months ago I check for $100 from Comcast. I could not figure out why and it really did not say what it was for. A couple of weeks later I get my Comcast bill and it is double normal. Well I thought maybe I forgot to pay the bill the previous month and sent them $150. Well my next bill is close to $250 and then it clicked to me that they were not crediting my account with my payments.

Now is where my long story with Comcast starts. First I get online at night and chat with customer service in India I am sure. Well what happened was when I tranfered my account they changed the account number. Not a big deal but they took the payment on the old account number for four months. They assured me it would not be a problem and they would find out what was going on. The next night I chat again with India and they tell me it is too soon to know what happend and to give it a couple of days. Well three days later I get up and my service is turned off. I call customer service and before I can get my name out my service is back on. The lady was very rude and told me they do not talk to each other as the cutoff is automatic. Well she knows what happened to my money but can not do anything about it. I ask her to just stop payment on the $100 check and the $150 check and credit it to my account. She tells me she can not do that and I need to pay they soon.

Well fast forward a week or so and I call Comcast again and talk to another lady. She is much more helpful but tells me they have already maild the $150 check too and there is no way to stop payment on it. She tells me I have until today to pay the bill. Well I say f it and just sent them $250 with my online banking last Monday.

Well yesterday morning I still had not gotten my $150 check but I went ahead a deposited the $100 one. That afternoon I got the $150 one in the mail. All is good as I am finally even and all I have lost is some of my sanity and a couple of hours of my life.

Well today I get a phone call from Comcast collections department to tell me everything is great and they put a stop payment on the $100 check and the $150 one and credited it to my account. WTF I just deposited the $100 after I was told by everyone that it was not possible to put a stop payment on the checks. I called Comcast back and asked them just what was going on. I told them they were going to cause me to get a fee for a bad check they gave me and even if they did not they now have a $250 loan from the Bank of Shasta. They don't seem to think it is a big deal that I have overpaid them by $250 and might talk to me if I get charged a fee from my bank but no promises. They should have thrown in a month of free service but looks like I will be getting Dish and another internet provider.


Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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So at anytime did u ask Comcast to transfer the payment over? Its called a misapplied payment!

I can almost bet u didn't!

U didn't check b4 u sent the 150....u sent it cause u assumed that u didn't pay it. If u dnt know whether or not u payed your bills then how do u put trust in an automated ***!

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