Indianapolis, Indiana

Going through an ugly divorce. However, soon-to-be ex-hubby did one good thing.

He filled out a form from Comcast and provided a copy of his drivers license authorizing me to change the family Comcast account into my name. So I went down to the local Comcast location, with the necessary authorization paperwork and switched the account to my name. My big concern was if I could keep my current email address, old messages and address book -- no problem says the Comcast representative. I came home, activated the new service, and after speaking with a Comcast customer service rep by phone, was able to access my old email account.

Everything seemed fine -- I even got a bill for $80 from Comcast in my own name -- then two days ago I suddenly couldn't access my email account. I contacted Comcast and at first was told that it was all just a silly glitch and would be quickly repaired -- but soon I found myself being transferred to another customer service rep, then a technician, etc. Apparently there was no information in my account record about the authorization forms I had submitted to the local Comcast office allowing me to make changes on the old account so Comcast cut off my email account.

To turn the service back on I would have to go back to the local Comcast office and start all over again. When I pointed out that I must have submitted the necessary forms, had the proper authorization, to make changes on the account in the first place, the Comcast technician told me to have a nice day and ended the online chat.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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