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Comcast has done it again. Cut off the last 3 minutes of the season finale of Bones with their own Xfinity commercial!

What is wrong with these people. This is not the first time they have cut off a program too early. Isn't anyone paying attention? Both times it has been their own Xfinity commercial.

This is not the way to keep customers. How hi-tech can they be and keep blowing a simple timing of commercials. This is becoming a real problem....Is anyone accountable?

They are rapidly becoming a joke in the industry. Direct TV, here I come.

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my recording missed the last couple of minutes, too, with a cutaway to Fox ads; but, since I recorded with a dvr from AT&T, not Comcast, the fault wasn't with them.


An entire season of Bones, some 22 hours, filtered down to a critical 30 seconds, towards the end of the session finale.

At 8:58, Comcast blurted an Xfinity commercial over the critical dialog between Bones and Booth, likely by mistake, but that was a huge mistake. Someone was clearly sleeping at the wheel.

I called Comcast customer support the next day, to let them know about their blunder. They gave me the phone number to my local CBS affiliate to complain, as though they were the ones who injected the Xfinity commercial. And Bones isn't even a CBS show. What an ***.

I called back and asked for a supervisor. I was left on hold for over 30 minutes, and the supervisor never answered. What a ***.

I think the next move is to contact Fox, to let them know that Comcast is screwing with their programming.

Kirkton, Ontario, Canada #146011

I was Totally PISSED last night!



My wife and I just watched it on our dvr - wtf?!

If comcast didn't have such a monopoly we'd be switching service today!


I already sent in my angry letter via the Comcast website. Nice how the commercial was for their own product...

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