Knoxville, Tennessee

Received by bill and it was $35 higher than the last few months and spoke with customer service agent after being on hold for over 1 1/2 hours and she was *** and transfered me to another person and after having to repeat my information some three times I then was promised a call back from the supervisor and never got the call back. Typical experience with Comcast, sure wish another cable company was in this area.

No wonder they were in Bankruptcy.

They truly suck as a company. Called customer service again and after another 1 hour 45 minutes finally spoke with a human and they aren't any help eitehr.

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San Lorenzo, California, United States #622896

I switched to Comcast a year ago. They have the worst customer service on the planet.

Everyone at the call center speaks broken English.

I'm switching back to DirecTV. Never should have left them in the first place.


Plain and simple, Customers need to form a class action against Comcast(now Xfinity)for,


A- Price gouging.


B- Unfair business practices.


C- Lying to customers (Bait & Switch tactics).


D- Fraudulent Billing Practices.


E- Changing customers packages and rates without notifying customers in advance.


*** Forcing customers to rent equipment that they don't really need or want just to raise the customers monthly bill for service.


G- Forcing customers to upgrade to a higher prices service and threatening to cut service or take away features if they refuse to upgrade.


H- False advertising.


There you have it folks, 8 good and valid reasons for a class action against Comcast.

The problem is for some reason people are afraid of forming a class action against this company...


My bill was $37 more than the previous month this month. I called and they said I was already paying a discounted rate.

What? When did Comcast decide to raise prices and not tell the consumer? WTF? I never received any information on price hikes on cable and Internet bundles.

I'm so sick of big conglomerate companies doing whatever they want and screwing the consumer that keeps it in business. I sooooo want to leave this horrible company that calls itself Comcast. They are such a disgrace and forget that the people it serves is the reason why they still have a job. All they want is money.

Greedy bastards. 10 years of loyalty doesn't matter.

Why? Because they own the world in cable/Internet services.


Direct TV did the same thing, charged me $500 for a dvr that i already bought 2 years ago! all they did was attempt to credit me but I spilled some colourful words and the "Law-suit" bomb, "I have the recipt from when i bought it 2 years ago and your re-bill for this charge refund or ill see you in court." they refunded my money the next day in a check.

Come to an understanding that all cable companies SUCK, similar sittuation with my friend and COX


Comcast has been billing me for digital converter boxes that we suppose to be free for 14 month. The admit they over charged me by $206, but are willing to credit me only for two months, about $35. I call this stealing.


I placed an on-line order with Comcast for new cable service in my home. My order was for the digital starter package, at 29.99, 2 additional digital boxes at 8.50 each and 2 adapters, at no cost. I understood what my monthly fees would be. I was told during our on-line chat that the installation would be $34.99, which was a savings down from the normal $50.00. Great deal! Come on and let's get going! When the tech arrived at my home, he had the 3 digital boxes but showed nowhere on his order the 2 adpater kits. No problem, he would drop them off the next day. Great. When we were discussing the installation, he said the $34.99 was for 1 basic install only: the additional boxes would be around $70 PER BOX! The sales rep I ordered thru never mentioned this to me and I re-iterated that I would only be paying the $34.99. Yes. That is it. It was out of the techs hands, and he indicated this kind of deceptive sales pratice was pretty common. Just the day before he arrived at a customers home and they were told the same thing. I contacted Customer Service at Comcast and they were no help: they said there are additional fees for installing the additional boxes and fishing the line. I called there Executive Complaint department and was told the same thing, however, she would waive the $34.99 fee and one of the other install fees. I don't think so.

There should be a transcript of my order details and in it you will find no mention of any potential additional charges for installation.

I wasted my Saturday waiting for the tech to get there, even went so far as to make it easy for him to pull the cable into the attic by cutting *** in the wall and running a string he could attach his cable to and pull it through. What a waste.

Comcast is doing nothing to honor their contract, which is what it basically is when I signed up with them.

I would like to see them honor their contract with me by sending the correct equipment ordered and installing it at the quoted $34.99 price.

As of yet they are unwilling to make good on their end of the agreement.

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