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OMG!!! I've been with Comcast for about 15 years and it's customer service has gotten worse and worse.

I have never had as bad service in my life. Long long long wait times. IF you want to wait that long to finally get someone and then to be transferred around than get disconnected many times. UGH!!!

I even went and got a new box today and it still fixed NOTHING. I even talked with a supervisor today and he told me a tech would be here today. NO TECH showed up or even called. ATT&T will be at my house at 9:00am tomorrow.

Screw Comcast.

They apparently do not need my money so they will no longer have it and I hope more people will get feed up and move their business also. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Hixson, Tennessee, United States #1191464

I know exactly how you feel. I have been with Comcast since 1994.

22 years and the last year has been a nightmare customer service sucks outloud !! I have been over charged $656.08 !!!

I have tried to get this resolved for over a year. Gave up took all equipment back NO MORE EVER COMCAST U SUCK OUTLOUD!

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