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I am really coming to hate Comcast Service. I have been with the company for almost 10 years (well Insight first) and they still don't value my service.

They hiked my bill up so I cancel cable tv and now they want to hike my internet up. Why do they not value their existing cusotmers? They only want to give the new customers all the good rates.

They are losing a valuable customer here. I would have never switched if they would have just cared enough to give me a deal. Screw Comcast and their *** customer service agents. They always end the call with we value our customers, well obviously you do not because you are not even trying to keep my service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Wowie 51

I also hate comcast. They have rotten customer service and they also don't seem to care about fixing their errors.

They give out info I pay a monthly fee to them keep private and they don't care. I guess they like people that beat their spouses and hurt children.


Whatever you do - if you're in MN - do NOT assume that Qwest/DirecTV is better. We made that mistake and are seriously paying the price!!!

:( :? :cry


I agree..I cancelled my service with them a week ago because every 6 months they jack my bill up by 30-40 dollars..I now have Verizon Fios & I love should give it a try!

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