Atlanta, Georgia

I have read post on how the customer service rep would not allow spouses to access their spouses account without permission from him or her and I just start crying. Comcast let a perfect stranger call in and reset my online password and now he is harassing me and everyone that was on my call history.

He told them he was my husband. How could they let this happen. I hate Comcast and am seriously thinking about filing charges. What kind of training do they do at Comcast.

I canceled my account and they had the nerve to ask me when I wanted to restart the services.

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!! I am scared to death for me and my children, this man has all my info!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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Phatthalung, Phatthalung, Thailand #444039

No I don't have a husband!


Was your husband listed on the account?

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