Richmond, Virginia
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January 15, 2012 6:24PM

Having no telephone or internet service, at 6:24PM I contacted Comcast at 804.743.1150 and spoke with Mat. After numerous attempts of resetting my modem Mat determined that he was unable to connect with the modem and it was defective. Mat decided to send me a replacement modem. Since the next day was the Martin Luther King holiday, he said the modem would be sent on Tuesday, January 17, by mail and I should receive it by eh end of the week. Mat provided an order ID number of 38130428. Mat said to contact Comcast upon receipt of the modem and they would activate it.

January 22, 2012

I called Comcast from my vehicle using my cell phone and talked with a man whose name I do not record. I explained I had contacted Comcast on January 15, and they were sending me a replacement modem which should have been received January 21. He checked my records and said a device was sent to me on January 7 and UPS noted it was delivered and left on my porch on January 11. I told him I was sure I had called Comcast on January 15 rather than January 7 – yet agreed to check the porch and bushes adjacent to the porch and call back if I could not locate the package.

I called back and spoke with Mat – the same Mat who I spoke with on January 15. Mat received my records and discovered that the order the previous man had discussed with me was placed on January 7, 2011 not 2012. Mat confirmed I spoke with him on January 15, 2012, that the modem had been shipped, and asked that I wait a couple of days to see if it arrives.

January 24, 2012 5:45PM

I called and spoke with Michael. Michael said to wait until Friday, January 27 to see if the modem is received. He said Comcast would not initiate a trace until 10 business days after the modem was shipped.

January 27, 2012 5:26PM – 5:45PM (19 minutes)

I called Comcast and spoke with Sandra. I provided the order number of 38130428. After 10 minutes Sandra stated she was unable to locate the order. She did see an order for January 7, 2011. Sandra asked me what kind of modem I was supposed to receive. I told her the same type I currently have. I commented that Comcast provided my current modem and she should have a record of the type of modem I have and know what type to send me. After an additional wait Sandra commented that she had spoken with her supervisor and I would receive my modem Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. I asked if she could determine when my original order was shipped and she could not. She said they were going to do a UPS rush track order. I told her Mat stated the modem was being sent by U S Mail. She said they do not send modems by mail. I told Sandra I doubted I would receive the modem on Tuesday or Wednesday but I would wait and see.

January 27, 2012 7:45PM

Sandra called and told me I have to do an E911 verification before the modem could be shipped. She said the E 911 verification should have been done on January 15, prior to the modem being shipped. Sandra connected me with "Astonish" to verify changing my telephone service to Xfinity. I told the "Astonish" lady I already had Xfinity and asked why I had to confirm changing my service to a service I already had. She said I needed to talk to Comcast. I did not complete the transaction.

January 27, 2012 8:27PM

Sandra called me again asking if I completed the verification. I discussed with her my conversation with "Astonish". I told Sandra that Mat and Michael had told me one thing and now she was telling me something else – I did not know who was right. She said she was following procedures for EMTA and the procedure was to go through the E911 verification in order to process the order or the modem could not be shipped. I told her I planned to escalate this issue with Comcast.

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