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I received these new digital boxes about a month ago because comcast told me I would lose channels that I am already paying for if I did not pay them for these boxes. That pissed me off enough.

I have 4 boxes total. I have had to call them several times over the last month because the boxes keep saying my service was interrupted. When this happens you have to call and get it reset. This time the one box they say is bad.

I have to find a comcast store to get it swapped out or they want to charge me 10 dollars to ship me a new one. I have had the box a month and they will not send me a replacement. what a joke. I hate this company and their service.

I was going to change services when I found out I had to have these boxes but I chose to stay with them, what a mistake!!! I will change asap!!!!

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comcast is what you get when you have a monopoly. no at@t in area so comcast come up with a way to squeeze more money out of no compition areas.

it is an crime. the new dta device is a money grab.


i understand your pain we need to contact our state repps about this ***


'd call their corporate office. I don't call 800-COMCAST anymore. I never get anything accomplished, nor is it even resolved.

They will forward the complaint to the local office, and they are more willing to help!

Dial 215-665-1700 and ask for Lucile Fatil and they will transfer you to the Office of the President.

Don't waste your time anymore!

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