Denver, Colorado
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I literally talk to comcast more than I talk to my own mother. The only difference is that every time I leave disappointed.

Its bad enough to provide terrible service, but dont tell me that you dont provide terrible service. Admit you suck, fix my problem, and then lets move on. The problem is that every time I have a problem with comcast and then try to fix it, I end up more upset with them than when I originally got my problem.

Who knew that having internet that doesnt work is actually the happiest way you can have internet service. *** you comcast and every single person in your customer service department, you all suck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Throop, Pennsylvania, United States #684435

every time there's a little late inning and thunder my TV goes out for hours comcast is awful is this supposed to be the new technology please take me back in time I'd rather have a rabbit ears I don't ever recall this happening this is ridiculous

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