Lynnwood, Washington

After 3 months of many calls and e-mails, I contacted Comcast Feedback and finally got one person do deal with. It still took her 4 weeks to resolve my issue, but I have the contract I was promised back in January, finally.

I wish they could have resolved this sooner, as due to the time it took to follow up, hours of being put on hold, multiple calls and e-mails, I cannot recommend them. I do hope they are logging all these complaint to higher management. Maybe then they will start at the bottom, their Customer Service department, and get a handle on their bad reputationn.

As I said intially, I belive they have just become too big, and too greedy to have a good Customer Service department. My first suggestion would be for them to have a direct line to a good Customer Service department that you get a real person without having to go through the telephone system to get one.

That takes at least 3-4 minutes every time you call.

I must have logged in at least 10 hours on the phone trying to resolve my issue.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get the Company to work on their Customer Service.

I liked: When it works its good.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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