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Comcast Customer Service is actually an "I'm very sorry" learned response, with NO resolution. I have had multiple problems with Comcast from the very beginning of service.

I've swapped boxes over the course of almost 9 months. You can call your customer service center and tell them the problem and they will listen...they may even schedule a tech to come out, but these techs have little to no training and keep passing off the buck. After months of box issues, I was advised by someone in Corporate, Ms. Childs, that a new DVR Whole House System was about to be unleashed in October 2011 and that we would be on the top of their list for install.

In March, 2012, we called Comcast to find out what happened. We were set up to have the system installed after one customer service person told us they did not have it in our area and a second customer service person, told us they would set us up with install. The first "turkey" to come to install was at my home for several hours and could not get the system to work properly after talking on the phone to a remote engineer. A second "turkey" tech came and swapped out remotes and assured me that the problem was solved.

By the next day, same problem existed. A third tech arrived and still could not handle the problem so he gave my husband a cell phone number to call "Nick." We left multiple voice mails to "Nick" and never heard back. In a final attempt to get a supervisor on the phone, I was advised by another customer service person they they were VERY SORRY for our inconvenience but that a supervisor was not available at that time.

I have since call DISHNET and they have installed a whole house DVR system in one try and everything works fine. If you are reading this, I hope you take my advice and do not sign up with Comcast because it will be aggravation if you have any technical problems.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Technical Support.

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Treating their employees that way does not surprise me. Another reason to find a alternate company to do business with. So far, DishNet has been a great improvement for me.


Comcast for the most part gets low end field techs and they don't pay them a living wage compared to other technical type jobs that are around. Many of the techs Comcast uses are " independent Contractors " who get less than $20 in many cases to come to your house ( if they show up ) and get in and out of your [place as fast as possible.

They get no benefits or health insurance. Hey for people working for " coolie wages " don't expect too much.

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