Madison Heights, Virginia
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We had Comcast cable installed over one year ago. The remotes on 3 of the 4 TV's work fine (channel changer, volume, etc...), except the one in a bedroom.

The same type of TV (same model #) is in our kitchen and the remote works fine. We have complained numerous times to Comcast and a service person has been to the house several times, and several new remotes were tried. Still only changes the channel and turns the Comcast receiver off. Finally installed a new HD TV in the room and STILL Comcast could not get their remote to work!

They gave numerous excuses and suggested we get a universal remote or contact the HD TV manufacturer.

In the end, we returned the HD TV and finally found a universal remote that worked. Comcast customer service STINKS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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This is exactly what is happening with us, and we get the joy of paying for what does not work on the remotes

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