Fort Wayne, Indiana
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I have been being Billed $124.53 forever. In Dec the bill was Crammed for $32.00 bringing the total to $156.53.

I caked them waited on the phone over one half hour and disconnected me. I went to call them the following day and brought up my bill online for some figures. I had the Jan2014 bill and they had Crammed another $20.00 on it, Total now $176.53. This is for their Tripple play Basic package with NO EXTRA'S!

I spent over an Hour on the phone being disconnected 3 times. The final Customer Service (LOL) person claimed the $20.00 charge was because my plan had run out.

As for he $32.00, they didn't have a clue. so now it's goodbye ComCRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $32.

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Yes, once the initial plans run out, the fees increase. Fact in, customers really don;t need all that extra crud!

Internet is provided in about 3 tiers. Burst of speed is extra.

Most people don't need 50mb speeds with burst-of-speed! Buy your own cable modem and save the rental fee.