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I currently have comcast, and I hate it.

Comcast is such a Monopoly it is ridiculous.

Well, why do you have comcast if you hate it, Michelle(Me)?

Honest answer? Because there are no other bloody cable/internet providers in my area! It's ridiculous! Even my school-dorm-ish-situation corrupted me into getting comcast (I'm a college student). When I moved into the dorms they had a comcast guy on the first floor, advertising and selling internet and cable subscriptions to unknowing new-college-teenagers. The $60 a month for 6's months is what screwed me over as a new coming student.

DON'T DO IT NEW STUDENTS! I started with $60 dollars, and now I'm paying over $100+, plus late fees, because they never send me their billing statements on time.

Not to mention over half of my channels don't come in, and my internet goes out every other day or so.

Comcast is awful... I can't afford this ***. I am looking into changing services.

If you've seen this before it's because I'm so upset I'm posting this everywhere...

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Michelle, I totally understand and feel your disgust for Comcast what a racket, poor service,terrible customer service when trying to get a situation straighten out,there's no communication between the departments. I had them for approx.

3wks and it was one problem after another, countless hours, yes hours on the phone. I finally said enough is enough, made one last phone call to Comcast, chewed them a new one and took all there *** equipment and turned it in. Well I to needed cable and internet, shopped around and went with Cricket Broadband for my internet and Dish Network for my cable. I know u said ur in a dorm so installing a dish poses a problem, but if u look into Cricket or perhaps another broadband service using a usb data modem, u will be forever happy.

I can even watch TV on my computer now and I can take my usb data modem with me and use it in another computer or with my laptop. Look into and tell comcast to pack sand!!!!

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