Tamarac, Florida

My internet service went down tues nite. No tech available until Fri 8-10.

At 9:58 I get a call..not available until noon. They suck. No offer of discount or do they care. They can easily take a tech from install of a new customer to take care of a customer who has no service for 3 days.

I previously bC dsl with ATT and they're just as bad. Can someone recommend an internet provider that cares about its customers that has a good low price?

Why r we always screwef by these monopolies? It's so frustrating.

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I think with any of these huge monopolys it is not going to be much difference. My Comcast Internet works quite well and for the most part is reliable. When there is a problem though you never really know how long or what day or time someone will show up to attempt repairs.

When I found out I could get DSL service from Verizon for 19.95 per month ( thats only 5 buck a week ) I got it as a spare so if my Comcast Broadband goes out of order at least I will still have internet with my Verizon DSL as a back-up


I have ATT for service. Last time I was done for 7 days until corrected.

Don't ***.

They are all the same. No one gives a ***.

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