Every time I turn around, it's someone else talking about returning equipment to Comcast, and then being told it was never returned. Don't pay for equipment you know was returned.

They have very poor data entry for returned inventory at best. At worst, the company makes millions by stealing from people who don't want to have their credit score ruined. Honestly, it looks like there is a little hanky-panky going on in the Boones Creek office. How many times have you been underserved by these incompetent and unprofessional weasels?

Enough is enough. Don't let them get you over returned equipment that they conveniently say, "oops, sorry, our "system" says you didn't return it." Easy money for them when people just don't want the hassle, and pay! Come on, does anybody really understand their billing? Does anybody ever even get a correct bill?

Mistakes galore and no one held accountable. There is a nationwide class action lawsuit here; let's all get together on this!

Please at least call the BBB. Try something, anything to get someone to pay attention to there activity.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

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I'm glad I got wind stream I hate cheat ing comcast they stink


iT'S CALLED THE "HARD GOODBYE". After a short while you have to recognize these employees are following a strange protocol of lying to customers and ultimately waste time.

You'll be forced to cancel and renew your bank card.

The only way to foil these thieves is by searching for class-action law suites

and following through.

These poor dirtbags have absolutely no pride, honesty or self respect. I LOOK FORWARD to the day these felonious parasites are pushed back into obscurity where they belong!


Comcast is the biggest thieves in the US they charged me a $30 returned check fee when first of all my account has never been under $500 in the last 10 years but where I busted them is I have overdraft protection so my bank would never return a check, I finally caught them at their lying schemes and I'm not going to let this one go, be watching the news


Yes I was hassled and paid for a bill I didn't even owe I have a 0 balance but was still denied service by a customer service person named Dan who claims that my cousin owes a bill (she doesn't) and that they locked our address and can't give us service. What a crock! Paid in full and still hassled by them!


Many times they'll call and tell me I owe two months right now for one month after I argue for a bit they back and give me the real past due balance. This omittion makes me believe they get something out of the sales. Which they've denied when I asked about it


I'll pay them 200 dollars just to zero it out and less than 30 days later they are trying get another 180 from me my monthly bill is less than 100 but for the last couple bills it's been 110 when i asked regarding the 180 they say owe we bill a month in advanced so you actually only owe 94 which is monthly rate. When I've recently about 20 dollar increase to my bill they say it's assorted fees and past due balances that are just now catching up.

I dropping them in a week. They are thieves and have been scamming me for 3 years now.

I'm done. *** em


Never had an issue with Comcast or a bill.


I used to work there, this happens all the time, in fact they slammed me into a three year contract right after I stopped working there. When I raised enough caine over it, they cancelled within 30 days and then it triggered another nightmare.

It caused charges of early termination fees of $2700. on my account for cancelling a 3 year contract I never agreed to. It took 100's of calls and they would put me on hold for 30-minutes and then hang up on me or numerous transfers to wrong departments and then would be transferred around the world again. I spent my 35 minute drive times everyday to and from work on the phone with them and even my lunch hour.

I told them I was documenting all calls and they had to fix it or I would expose what happens in the call centers and that I would even release an email I recieved as an employee for a higher up telling me to stop trying to spend so much time trying to actually solve the customer's issues and try to sell them something and just send tech for trouble. They only want the representatives on the phone with customer for 8 minutes or less, that is why the dropped calls and holds and transfers happen so much. The reps are dinged on their scorecards if they are longer than 7-8 minutes. I never did that to a customer but I saw and heard it happen all the time.

Also sales reps are under pressure to sell so much during their shift, so lots of them will slam stuff on your account without tellin you or they will put it on their and not tell you all the specifics. It is horrible that this is happening in such a huge company, but the reps are desperate to meet their metrics.