Clermont, Florida
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My wife ordered Comcast's Xfinity bundle in Nov 2011. They sent a Contractor Tech, that was incompetent to do the installation.

He was not prepared... did not bring enough cable boxes, did not have the DVR box and took forever to connect everything. Took a 2 hour job and turned it into an all day affair. The clincher was that when he installed the Internet modem and then got on my computer to setup the service he took over 45 minutes and when he left, the internet did not work and he crashed my computer by putting a Rogue program on it.

We called Comtrash and they sent out a supervisor, who spoke to my wife, then called the tech. When the tech arrived he spoke to the tech and left. The Tech came in and said that he did not do anything to my computer, that it must have had the Rogue program on it before he touched it. Several calls to Comcast service yielded not results and no service.

I ended up repairing my own computer and sent in a bill for $150 to repair it with my first payment and deducted daid amount from $200+ bill for first month usage and installation. They called us wanting the $150 dollars. I spoke with several customer service reps that refused to allow me to speak to a superviser. I would be placed on hold for upwards of 30 minutes and then be transferred and placed on hold again or have the call dropped.

I spoke to a customer complaint rep once and he re-instated the service for a week and opened a complaint ticket and promised someone would call (no one ever called). We spoke to an adjuster who told us we would get some credit, only to findout a week later that the $7 was all they could do. They again demanded $106 or our service would be cut. Now I am cancelling their service and still refuse to pay the $106.

We tried calling the Corporate office and the recording says that the office is closed and to call back during business hours (called at 8am, 10am, 12pm, and 2pm... same recording).

They can take their service and put it ...... We cancelled service.

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Got rid of Comtrash. They have not done anything, so I'm taking them to small claims court.


comcast just sucks. they're money hungry so they won't do much for you, if anything.


If you want to save money on your Comcast bill call 877-824-2288 and ask to speak to the RETENTION Department. They will give you promotions and discounts that no other department can give you.

The promos generally last for 6 months so you have to callback every 6 months. It is worth the trouble because you can get discounts of 25-50%