Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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i am mad that they sell your name and number to marketing list after they talk you into getting their phone service. i called to complain and was told that i would have to cancel my service for them to stop.

i told them to take their service and shove it where obama dwells. i was also told by a "headend tech" that their dvr boxes have minature cameras in them and that comcast is recording customers without their knowing it. He said that it is a program that was authorized with the homeland security act.

he showed me what could of been a lense that looked out thru the front of the dvr. all i can say is that i am leary of comcast

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Savannah, Georgia, United States #944878

I very upset consumer of Comcast regarding the bill for $288 in which my husband & I have been

calling since 2/7 - 2/11/15 still not resolved been going up for months. everytime we call get put

on hold many times.

talk to many people and they laugh at us or say they cant do anything. now

they want to hook us into a contract reduced to $188 without the major movie channels.

What kind

of deal is that? I will not recommended to all my friends and family to get this cable no matter what.

Finally we spoke to a "Brad" at Comcast say he is incharge do not need a supervisor to talk to us he laughed at us, then told us to speak to someone else and hung up...


Sick puppy.

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