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Does anyone else out there think this Cable TV thing is a rip off? First Comcast tells us we have nothing to worry about with the Digital transition and nothing will change.

Now they tell us that they will be terminating their analog signal in 2010 and if we want to continue to receive a signal for all our TV's, we must rent either a DTA or DCT conversion box for each TV. DCA box? DCT box? How many more components do we need?

What happened to a simple single signal for all TV's. Then they try to make us feel like we are getting a deal by saying that our first two rental conversion boxes are free. How complex can we make cable TV in the 21st century! It's just a money making scam.

$100+ per month for a basic TV plan, give me a break! Comcast, be prepared because I'm recommending to viewers to switch to Satellite to avoid your additional hardware components and fees.

Consumers, please speak out and make your thoughts known! They won't change unless you do.

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Yesterday Comcast took away almost 1/2 of the analog stations (most of the rest to follow soon). You now need a Comcast's "Digital Transport Adapter" (they provide 2 boxes free; $1.99 per box after that) to see the same stations they offered previously when connected directly to the coaxial cable.

What angers me is they previously offered me the HD feed on my HD televisions from the local affiliates (on 3.1; 6.1; etc) through the coaxial cable. Now with the DTA box they won't offer those feeds (I thought they had to provide local broadcast signals...i guess the FCC loophole is they can offer 480 but not HD local broadcasts). I called Comcast and they confirmed I have to have an HD box for each TV now to view ANY HD programming. Also, your television's internal V-chip is now useless (I used if for the kids room).

32 years a customer. I'm very dissatisfied.


I just installed two of these dta boxes and they are horrible. I will be canceling my servic and going with dish. Good luck comcast


I could not agree more. We need to do something to let Comcast know that they cannot continue to take advantage of their customers just because they have a near monopoly.

The key is "near". I would like to find a way to organize a boycott of Comcast movie rental and any other way anyone can think of to hurt their bottom line.

That is all they care about and thus the only way to get their attention. If anyone knows how to get our voices heard, please help.


I got two DTA boxes from Comcast today. I connected both, called to activate, and NEITHER would activate beyond the screen message "service temporarily interrupted" .

On the phone multiple times with support for almost 2 hours and finally gave up and returned the cheap boxes after seeing so many online complaints. As an Electronic Engineer by profession, I tried even more things then suggested by support - still not functioning. I returned them, told them they were "junk", and refused replacements!

This is not first time that support and services have been poor. I am sick and tired of Comcast and will be calling RCN for a better value and more content customers!

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