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We have been customers of Comcast for a long time. but recently they switched the normal cable service to digital cable. The upgrade was supposed to be free, but they had other plans for us.

FIrst off, we now all need a converter box for each of our TVs. And it requires a plug in transformer to operate. So there goes one outlet... forever. So We get 6 Boxes with one huge box the size of a small desktop computer. Which we did not need nor order. So we get charged extra for that.

Then we had to call Comcast and wait 40 minutes to sync our service because all the boxes have to synced to a frequency. So we Tried 4 times and it did not work. 4x40=160. That is 2 hours and 40 minutes on the phone!

After only getting 2 working channels, we sent in the box that was not woking (large one). They then charged us for another box and repairs on the box that came to us broken.

We went through 3 boxes. And we also have internet through them. And It staring to act up...

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Hello I know U have got 2 b smarter then that! I Bet U actually sat down and read your terms n conditions b4 U said "yeah schedule me for the earliest appt!

I need my cable on now!" Look they made the rules and u had 3 options Agree and Accept, Disagree and Neg., Disagree and Take your business else where!

Stop acting like some1 did something 2 purposely harm or inconvience you! Next time b a little wiser b4 u make decisions!

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