We changed to the Dish from Comcast. They set a date for pick up of the Comcast box,he came & picked the box on the scheduled date.

We received our last bill from Comcast, we couldn't believe it they said we owed $450.00. When we called they said do you have any proof that you returned the box? We said he didn't give us a receipt.

So I don't know what we are going do. I think we will have to bring a lawyer into help us settle this diagreement

Just a heads up GET A RECEIPT!!!

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I had a similar problem. Returned the box to a service centre but still got charged the $450. Thankfully I had a receipt to prove that I did return it.

Oak Creek, Colorado, United States #55071

Thats why you should go to a serivce center and return your stuff. its better than waiting around.

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