The Comcast cable repairs being done in this city are a mystery to the Comcast phone reps. They have no idea what so ever about any current area wide Comcast repair projects, and of course, their expected completion time or date.

Sadly, they have no other references for customers to contact to find answers to these problems. I kind of laugh when I see the Comcast commercials about how reliable their service is compared to DirecTV and Dish, whose customers have to do a rain dance in hopes of getting good reception.

Well, at least DirecTV and Dish customers get service...

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Chico, California, United States #680214

Believe me after being a cable plant manager for over 20 years, what they don't say is that they frequently utilize the same satellite dishes to receive the signals...


Probably some construction company dimwit cut the line, the their paying to have it repaired without Comcast knowing so they won't get sued!

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