Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania
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Cancelled Comcast after a year of 'line issues'. Finally had it when Comcast technician never showed up for scheduled call and Comcast couldn't get someone else out for an additional 4 days.

I had Comcast Internet and Phone. I returned the Comcast modem 3 das after cancelling the account. I was told I had 10 days to do so. One month later, I get a call that they are charging me for this month for rental of the equipment, since I haven't returned it yet. And that they will charge me up to $1500 if I don't return the equipment soon.

I am about to raise *** at the Lisle, IL Comcast office with my return receipt in front of the other customers as they will not fix this issue over the phone, even though I am able to fax the receipt to them.

Another reason Comcast Customer service is dead last.

BTW, AT&T U-Verse is fantastic so far.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I will go you one better ...... I got service September 27, Returned October 24, they said I ordered NEW service October 27th and they shut it off December 3rd.

I moved from the property October 24th 2012 and returned it to the office that day. Now 19 months later they expect me to send them a receipt.

This is in Dumfries Virginia. Spoke with a Maxine Correlle she stated the account had a 0 balance calls me back a week later stating they now have a $216 balance on my account.


These actions by Comcast have nothing to do with poor customer service or Comcast making mistakes,it's all by design.

They are nothing but crooks.

They did the same thing to me. I shipped the modem and converter box back to them with a prepaid mailer they sent to me and Comcast somehow had the package stopped at UPS as it sat there for weeks. Not sure if UPS is involved with this scam or not but, I do know I implemented a notification on the packages progress so I would get an email when it moved but I never got any kind of notification at all so........

I took a screenshot of the Package/tracking number sitting there and pics of the pkg/tracking before I shipped, then just gave up on checking it.....I knew it was just another Comcast scam....I've seen plenty of them.

If you ever find yourself with no other choice but Comcast, I would go with basic TV (no equipment required) and get my own modem because they will surely try to rob you for hundreds for what amounts to #15 worth of equipment, even after you return it.


comcast is horrible !!!,

They will charge you for equipment that returned !!!!!!


Comcast sent me a bill for 348.00 for equip. I returned to one of there tech.

They say they are missing a BTA OF WHICH I don't even know what that is. They say they will search and contact me within 20 days[as if that makes a difference}.

I have a Goldenrod Copy from the tech. I will Never deal with Comcast again.


I just cancelled service with them 7-2012. My bills run the 11th through the 10th of the month.

I cancelled service on the 11th, but they are still saying I owe for service- service I did not have because I cancelled on the 11th! I also returned my equipment, and the man told me to drop it in some box at the front- I told him I want a receipt for returning the equipment. I can just see them stating I didn't return the equipment and charging me for it!! Also they were charging me for Xfinity HD for 2-years!

HD programming- tried to access HD channel and it stated I did not have that service.

When I cancelled my service and mentioned that I was told HD is free- that I wasn't charged any extra for it! Too much inconsistency with Comcast- no customer service only COMCAST'S way or the high-way!


This is so ***. Comcast put two marks on my credit.

One for a 300 dollar bill (?) and 653 dollar for non returned equipment and a bill. They had a technician call me and schedule a pickup and I met him at a Circle K nearby and gave him 2 digital boxes and a modem, all of the equipment I had leased through them.

If a bill cleared then I have no problem paying that, but this is the most unprofessional system I have ever seen. Now I have to have to call about something that happened 3 1/2 years ago, of which the documentation is long gone..


I cancelled my account, the Comcast rep came and picked up the equipment LISTED ON THEIR WORK ORDER and they still continue to look to me for a modem I DON'T HAVE. They are inefficient and one of poorest companies I have EVER dealt with.

I left them -- NEVER to return. Seriously, I would live WITHOUT cable, internet, and phone even if they were the only company in town before I will go back to them!!


Comcast/customer service...oxymoron!!!!


The same thing happened to me. I returned my equipment about 5 days after I closed my account and was charged $600 for unreturned equipment.

Despite many phone calls and explaining what happened to 4 or 5 people, I still got the same bill every month for 6 months! Only when I went in person and had them look up my account did they tell me, "Oh, our computers don't talk to each other. Since your account was opened in City A and you moved to City B, I'll have to transfer your equipment return form to them by mail."

Excuse me?! Your computers aren't networked?!

This is 2010, peole. Get with the times. I will NEVER, EVER, not in 1 million years use Comcast again. I don't care how much better their OnDemand offerings are than Cox.

Oh, and they also held my $150 refund hostage for the same 6 months pending me returning the equipment that had been gathering dust in their warehouse for months on end. Comcast sucks!