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Comcast is the worst company in the history of the world. I canceled my cable TV (still have internet) last month due to financial reasons.

They told me how much my bill would be and I thought I was good to go. I haven't had TV for a month. Oh believe, I've checked. Even bought rabbit ears to try to get local channels.

Cable is definitely not on. Well, I received my latest bill, and they're trying to charge me for cable service. This is just one more complaint to add to my VERY long list of Comcast complaints.

Now I need to call them, wade through their horrible phone menu, sit on hold for a half hour, and argue them into fixing my bill. Can't wait.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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This also happened to me, and from what I've read, many others. My bill was sent to collections after they told me that it was fine and would correct itself.

If there are others in Florida this has happened to, please leave a comment here.

If I can find many others the exact thing happened to I'm going to contact some class action law firms and see if they will consider taking the case. They may actually be willing to take on Comcast, not an easy task I'm sure, if I can show a long list of people who can become part of the class.

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