Stone Mountain, Georgia

Comcast has screwed me again. When the US changed from analog to digital tv we were told that if we subscribed to cable or satellite we would be OK.

There would be no changes in our tv service. I guess Comcast didn't get the message. Shortly after the change Comcast reduced their basic cable service to only the first 29 channels, which includes only the local stations and the local access channels. So, I bought a new HD tv with a QAM tuner.

For the past year I've been able to receive all the cable channels and the local station HD broadcasts by just plugging the tv directly into the cable outlet. I have basic cable and do not have a cable box. Comcast figured out how to beat this system, too. This week I can receive only 3 or 4 cable channels.

I can still receive the local stations.

If I want to receive the full lineup of cable channels I would have to pay an additional $15 per month for the box. Does anyone have any information on this dirty trick?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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I *** hate comcast . They're thieves and their reps are liars and very rude.

My internet seldom works and now channels that I've paid for for years are taken away. *** you COMMIE *** Badtards!!!!


Why in the *** do you keep changing the channels on us??? It is less convenient!!!!

Channel 31 is tbs and 32 is nick at night and 33 was tv land but now it is 65 and fx was channel 39 and now it is 67!!!! They were fine the way they were. Close to one another and easy to access!!! You also got rid of rfdtv!!!!

People in Colorado have horses and livestock and watch that channel!!!! You said you were replacing it with a cooking channel!!! There are other channels you can use. What happened to the soap network???

Why can't we watch day's of our lives on channel 9 on demand?? I am pissed please put the channels back!!!! It was easier to use. And why can't I get rid of the spanish channels all the 300's!!!!!!

I do not need or want to pay for those channels!!!! I was in the loveland hospital recent and the channels did not change!!!! Everyone I talk to that have xfinity cable are pissed at the channel changes!!!!! Please put them back so that people are not so frustrated anymore.

The channels you replaced them with I have no use for!!!!

Sincerely one pissed customer!!!! I have been a customer since you started!!!!!


I'm just responding to an older post, couldn't resist. Comcast has deleted a block of channels I was told I would be getting. They were a part of the package. Same situation as with Bob.

My response is really to "lol" who asks Bob if we're "pissed" because Comcast encrypted cable channels we aren't/ weren't paying for.

Well, "Lol", you need to work on your reading comprehension as every post regarding the removal of channels states that the missing channels WERE a part of the package at the time of purchasing the package.

I will be moving to Dish and after one year, I will continue to move ... back and forth, all around in order to keep prices down.


As a long paying customer, I am frustrated to learn that the Science Channel has been deleted from my channels list and the only way to get it back, I’m told, is to pay a ransom of an additional $18.00 a month. All this happened without ANY warning email nor warning in my bill.

This is a very poor way of doing business.

I am shopping for a satellite communications system. And a letter is going to my congressman (cc: Consumer Reports).


I've been a Comcast customer with the basic service for over 6 years. No matter what those idiots in customer service told you, the History channel, MTV, Animal Planet and a whole host of other channels WERE part of the basic cable package....UP UNTIL the digital conversion.

Now they are holding half the channels hostage so they can squeeze more money out of all of us. The reps are being purposely vauge and "not understanding" what you're talking about just to avoid getting into arguments with angry customers. Basically, they don't care. Comcast has a stranglehold on the market and they can basically do what they want unless public pressure makes them change.

And if the American people can't get together long enough to change the ridiculous gas prices, there's really no hope of getting Comcast to change without some sort of miracle.

Best what I'm doing and look for an alternative tv service, or go without. It sucks, but that's what we're left with.


I too have digital tuners that are able to record comcast cable. Now that they are changing the basic channels from digital numbers(which my tuners can pick up) to channels numbered in the 1,000's, I won't be able to use my tuners.

They need more cable competition. I already pay them over $100 per month.


Lets put them out of business...Local is good enough and if 10 million customers reduce their cable bill by 20 bucks,guess what thats 200 million a month and bye bye comcast..


Comcast = GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!javascript:ac_smilie(':(')


its cause of the blacks




Same thing happened to me. I told them that when I subscribed they agreed to a certain number of channels.

They said since every call is recorded they would review my original call and verify my claims. Then they called back and said they could not retrieve my call and had no choice but to deny my claim and not return my channels. I know what they told me when I subscribed and the fact that they record every single call but can not find my call suggests they are lying and violating the law.

they are thieves and ***. I am cancelling my cable and will find something else.


So, you're pissed that Comcast encrypted cable channels that you weren't paying for ??


I am considering other options...


I came on here to see if others were complaining about the SAME THINGS and SURE ENOUGH! I contacted Comcast online to chat with a rep to see about getting the History Channel.

The rep gave me a list of all the channels included and I confirmed that I would get History channel with the Digital Economy package. That was only 3 weeks ago. Suddenly yesterday my History and many other channels disappreared. I called to find out what happened and SAME THING!

They told me I was receiveing those channels in error. Those channels are NOT included and they are sorry I misunderstood but I would need to upgrade to receive the history channel now for an additional 31 dollars a month... I even copied the entire chat in which the rep told me I would receive those channels! They will do nothing for me.

They should be able to be sued in a class action lawsuit for this lying and baiting customers. I am FURIOUS!


OMG i went thru this as well. they took off a crazy amount of channels.

told me i was receiving them in error. made me upgrade to a 40$ a month service after promising i would get my channels back, then NONE of the channels i wanted worked when i upgraded. i called and they said that i was mistaken. matter of fact, the channel line up for their digital economy packaged listed the channels i wanted.

then within minutes after the service was installed it conveniently disappeared.

i refreshed the screen 5 times and then the line up changed to some *** line up with no channels. definitely not worth the 40 bucks


I just signed with the 2 weeks ago and i completely regret it. The channel selection is the worst and i have had to call every other day with different issues. Is the another cable option with out the dish?



They are so OVER-PRICED!!

Don't even get me started on the "digital boxes" made mandatory by the gov't. It is NOT perfected enough to make it mandatory!!!!

WTF??? :(


I live in SE Michigan and have the experience.

I have 2 TV's with digital receivers and can only get a few useless cable channels. That $15 is per TV, you have to pay the $5 /hd charge for every TV. All to increase revenue!