I have had the worst experience with Comcast and have obtained the CEO' email.

If you are having problems with COMCAST

I have had several of the top people calling me back wanting to know how I obtained it and why i escalated to that level, simple they still haven't solved the problem!

So here it is and be sure to include my name in bold, TROY BOLLOM was the one that gave it you!

And if you don't have Comcast shoot him an email saying you would never get it from what TROY BOLLOM


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TO Comcast CEO,

From Ron C Collins- Marysville, WA 98270 ( USMC Vet/Boeing Retired

FYI- 2nd time trial ( Cable service with Comcast, not sure why?)

Very poor service.I did make 1 mistake and forgot to get mail/electronic payment for Oct 31,2017; no reminder to call or email from Comcast?

Granted it was my mistake-1 time in 7 years.

New phone # from Comcast 2-3 weeks ago-assigned from Comcast-(360-572-0930) no messages or contact, just disconnected my phone, TV and internet! I called and talked to 7 people/Comcast people. I Paid what was owed and gave out my debit card number and 2 checking account #s against my will/better judgement. Argued for 2-3 hours and 5 phone calls and still no service connected?

Extremely poor customer service; I was very upset! IF I treated any of my Boeing customers-suppliers/Airlines that way I would have been FIRED! NO excuses from your Comcast employees to treat me that way! My wife Helen and I will be seeking another Cable company.

We wish you could establish a much better professional service to your customers.

Follow up and quick reconnects would be appreciated.rccollins@outlook.com; also a discount on our service would be suggested.

Magnolia, Texas, United States #1250005

Don't even have service and they already bill me. Send equip to empty house against my instructions. They are the worst ever.


Thanks Troy.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1063472

Thanks I am about to use it

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #938403

Thank you for this email address!I am copying the complaint I just submitted on this site and sending it to him.

I won't expect a response; however, it will be on file in cyberspace.I'm sure I'll be one of millions!

East Hartford, Connecticut, United States #936271

Not only comcast this goes for every company.If sales dont explain what you Will expect on every bill, an us as customer dont ask questions or look at the bill we will always be upset at everyone except our selves .

A business to grow cant give everything for free. They can offer great service however some of us treat theyre employees like animals not realizing that is theyre job to help us not scream at them. Then we sit at home an give not just comcast but everyother company a bad review when u should start treating ppl with the same respect you will like to give to you.

Instead of screaming an the name calling we should listen try to understand or cancel an goes else were.Is not worth the stress

Chana, Illinois, United States #934334

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.As the manager of a store I signed a contract with Comcast.

I specifically asked whether the owner of the business needed to sign and was told no. In November the owner of the store passed away and the business closed. They are going to charge us $1700.00 to get out of the contract!

We were told so many different things by so many different representatives I can't even begin to tell you.Never, never, never sign a contract with Comcast!

Acworth, Georgia, United States #933919

Wish someone would start a class action lawsuit against Comcast!Their billing department is shady and criminal!

Good luck getting someone on the phone at customer service.Brian your the worst CEO in history.

to letty East Hartford, Connecticut, United States #936274

The company is not bad is the ppl that dont ask questions or look what they sign up for.If the company can be suite for this so is everyone else that sign up for anything with any company an mad at the world because they dont ask questions.

This ia not personal against you.I also thought the same when I bought my first car, now I know better.

League City, Texas, United States #907287

No digital signal for ABC and NBC as well as all of my lower station numbers in League City for 2 weeks. If I was ABC and NBC, I would be pissed since they are losing viewers because of crappy comcast service.

Comcast Customer Service is clueless and cannot diagnose or correct the problem.

Going to email all the stations I don't receive and let them know I can't watch their shows because Comcast sucks.

Soon to be ex-comcast customer.

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