League City, Texas

I have had the worst experience with Comcast and have obtained the CEO' email.

If you are having problems with COMCAST

I have had several of the top people calling me back wanting to know how I obtained it and why i escalated to that level, simple they still haven't solved the problem!

So here it is and be sure to include my name in bold, TROY BOLLOM was the one that gave it you!

And if you don't have Comcast shoot him an email saying you would never get it from what TROY BOLLOM


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TO Comcast CEO,

From Ron C Collins- Marysville, WA 98270 ( USMC Vet/Boeing Retired

FYI- 2nd time trial ( Cable service with Comcast, not sure why?)

Very poor service. I did make 1 mistake and forgot to get mail/electronic payment for Oct 31,2017; no reminder to call or email from Comcast?

Granted it was my mistake-1 time in 7 years.

New phone # from Comcast 2-3 weeks ago-assigned from Comcast-(360-572-0930) no messages or contact, just disconnected my phone, TV and internet! I called and talked to 7 people/Comcast people. I Paid what was owed and gave out my debit card number and 2 checking account #s against my will/better judgement. Argued for 2-3 hours and 5 phone calls and still no service connected?

Extremely poor customer service; I was very upset! IF I treated any of my Boeing customers-suppliers/Airlines that way I would have been FIRED! NO excuses from your Comcast employees to treat me that way! My wife Helen and I will be seeking another Cable company.

We wish you could establish a much better professional service to your customers.

Follow up and quick reconnects would be appreciated. rccollins@outlook.com; also a discount on our service would be suggested.


Don't even have service and they already bill me. Send equip to empty house against my instructions. They are the worst ever.


Thanks Troy.


Thanks I am about to use it


Thank you for this email address! I am copying the complaint I just submitted on this site and sending it to him.

I won't expect a response; however, it will be on file in cyberspace. I'm sure I'll be one of millions!


Not only comcast this goes for every company. If sales dont explain what you Will expect on every bill, an us as customer dont ask questions or look at the bill we will always be upset at everyone except our selves .

A business to grow cant give everything for free. They can offer great service however some of us treat theyre employees like animals not realizing that is theyre job to help us not scream at them. Then we sit at home an give not just comcast but everyother company a bad review when u should start treating ppl with the same respect you will like to give to you.

Instead of screaming an the name calling we should listen try to understand or cancel an goes else were. Is not worth the stress


This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. As the manager of a store I signed a contract with Comcast.

I specifically asked whether the owner of the business needed to sign and was told no. In November the owner of the store passed away and the business closed. They are going to charge us $1700.00 to get out of the contract!

We were told so many different things by so many different representatives I can't even begin to tell you. Never, never, never sign a contract with Comcast!


Wish someone would start a class action lawsuit against Comcast! Their billing department is shady and criminal!

Good luck getting someone on the phone at customer service. Brian your the worst CEO in history.


The company is not bad is the ppl that dont ask questions or look what they sign up for. If the company can be suite for this so is everyone else that sign up for anything with any company an mad at the world because they dont ask questions.

This ia not personal against you. I also thought the same when I bought my first car, now I know better.


No digital signal for ABC and NBC as well as all of my lower station numbers in League City for 2 weeks. If I was ABC and NBC, I would be pissed since they are losing viewers because of *** comcast service.

Comcast Customer Service is clueless and cannot diagnose or correct the problem.

Going to email all the stations I don't receive and let them know I can't watch their shows because Comcast sucks.

Soon to be ex-comcast customer.


I think the best way to rich the big boss and maybe they might care is to get the media involve.



What a scam. The worst service, I am sick of spending hours and days awaiting service to rewire.

Which was promised when I bundled (after being victimized by ATT. who cut my service without warning , called it “forced migration “ in an effort to make me bundle services Comcast thieves have continued the criminal behavior.

No show appointments, inadequate service of all my devices. Tired of scripted BS script of condescending useless so called

Confirmed appointment means nothing.

Monopolies are ripping us off


Summary: Comcast contacts me, my modem is old, I could benefit from a new one, it's simple, they mail it I disconnect and reconnect, call to activiate.....baddabing faster service! Hahaha, first off an empty box in the mail..no modem,have to call and tell them of their error.

I have been working on this from June 1st till June 13th, 6.5 hours on the phone, or more. 13 transfers, 2 call back my transfer won't work, several people who I could not understand, 30+ refreshes of my modem, I fixed one thing and they wiped it out with a refresh. I went 2 weeks with no internet or home phone (and I have a disabled person living here). Finally I say I am done, send a tech, they say ok, wait 7 days for him and they say no charge but the tech said he would charge 30 dollars an hour.

When my "tech visit" day arrives, he calls me on my cell, says he has already fixed phone...just needed to register my new modem, they should have been able to do that way back on June 1st, then he says the other issue is a setting on my computer, which he cannot fix, he only does hardware. Well if there is a setting that is wrong, it is because the help desk had me clickin like a madwoman and they changed a setting (it worked before with the settings it had). He talks me through the setting and it's all fixed in about 5 to 10 minutes. I then tell him how I ask repeatedly for a complaint department or escalation department or a manager and was told there is no such thing.

He told me, straight up, Comcast does not care. They have so many customers, if they lose me and even if they lose all my friends who I tell this story to...they don't care. Their business motto is just that....oh well we got lots of other customers. So sad, oh and I forgot to mention the one guy did he a huge favor (his words not mine) and credited my account 26 bucks!


Oh well, I just wanted to vent. I wish I could reach the big boss to confirm this is his business model, but I don't think that will happen.


Lora, your story is, not surprisingly, almost identical as mine. I truly understand your pain and abuse.

Been dealing with their non existent customer service for a week now. They insisted that I upgrade my modem with assurances that it would solve my known area outage issues(?) along with erratic speeds. For two days I made 13 phone calls just to get service. Did a tech visit and a new comcast approved modem that I purchased solve my issue ?

Of course not. It's ridiculous that they put up walls and barriers to prevent their customers from receiving decent service. The onus is always on the customer to prove its not comcast's fault. Frustrating their own customers seems to be their tactic and policy, until they just give up and go away.

Without any true competition in major markets, comcast could care less and is happy to provide just lip service. Their email responses, from the very important sounding "office of tom karinshak", are nothing but some cut and paste paragraphs telling me how I'm a "valued customer" and "genuinely sorry" for my internet issues. Kinda like listening to their reps over the phone apologize over and over again. Disingenuous at best.

How many times have you heard this bs? After shuffling my issue around to three different people, I have now been 'escalated' to the "executive support line" and am awaiting an email or phone call, which included stating that if they cant get hold of me, they will close the 'ticket' and no further action will be taken.

Just WOW! Incredible that they are still in business...


Worst customer care experience EVER. I am 47 and have NEVER experienced such incompetence in my life.

I even tried to cancel service and then received a voicemail thanking me for signing up for digital voice service. Thank you for the email address.

I have documented all of it and am sending their CEO a snapshot of my ridiculous experience with Comcast customer care. I prefer cable to satellite, but am switching to Dish network over this.


This has been very helpful as one posses off customer who just started service with them a week ago and already having lots of issues with no resolution. They are horrible!

!! I do not recommend this company at all. Nothing but trouble.

I may switch back and pay the higher price, cheaper is not always better as I have learned. At least the CEO will learn what a *** company and employees he has.


I recently moved in my house and comcast sent a contractor out to my home and he blew out my 73' tv now I have been speaking to customer service ppl to supervisors and corporate an they still refusing to fix my tv now the supervisor said that the contractor told him he blew out my tv but all of a sudden now they no nothing of it they saying that its the wiring now but everything that was hooked up on this same socket is still working except my tv an they refusing to fix it saying their guys say they didnt do it but the tv was on when he got there an was blew out when he left


Ten weeks into a refund and getting continual run arounds. Comcast must also run Washington.


Hi, We live in Lake Worth, Florida. My husband :( and I are costumer of Comcast. Unfortunately, we have the most awful experience with this company, more than any other one. We still are quite surprised that the CEO of Comcast has such as impressive credentials, in contrast with Comcast customer service staff that leaves a lot to desire. I bet that Mrs. Roberts do not have any idea of stories like mine.

My problems with Comcast started in February 2013 and they have not ended yet as today 08/02/2013. This story started with a bad service and today we are paying the service with no service AT ALL. We had patiently waited to see if this company showed us a little more of respect through all these months. However, after a long wait, the intention of this company was no other than making us waste our money and time while wasting theirs too. Lamentably, our story with Comcast is a long one (*** of us, who give them countless of opportunity of fix their poor professional behavior).

We realized the lack of work’s knowledge, communication, interest about their jobs, and organization among the workers of this company. Most of the staff that fortunately showed up to the appointments seemed confused. They did have no idea what the problem was. First, they said that the problem was the boxes. They sent a new one. That was not the problem. Then, they said that the problem was the pole tap. Now is not the pole tap. At this moment, they do not know what the problem is, and we do not have service. We went from bad to worse as we waited.

We also noticed that workers did not care about wasting the time and money of the company. Sadly, this is the way the big empire companies start their destructions, and people get without jobs (because nobody cares).

After experience their unprofessionalism, we started recording every time that we report our problems to them. Thankfully, according to Comcast costumer service, they recorded our countless long phone calls every time, as we spoke. This way if someone decided to help us, they can corroborate what we are saying. I am sorry to bore you with my long chronological list of events, but this is the reality. Believe, the last thing I feel to do is wasting an entire day to share my experience with you, although I think is extremely necessary. Get comfortable in your seat to share with me a very long and frustrating journey. Here we go!!!:

1. February 2013, we installed the service. Many of the channels did not work. Comcast staff told us they will send someone to fix it.

2. After a long wait…we saw they did have not intention to send anybody, in May 28 we set an appointment to try to see the channels that was not working (HGTV, A+E HD, SCIFI HD, ON DEMAND). The technician said that it was the pole tap. He said he will sent someone to fix the problem.

3. After wait a month, nobody came to help us. We decided to set an appointment 6/28/2013. Nobody showed up to this appointment. My husband called the next day and spoke with Robert, ID number OSR3JP. He said that someone would be in 07/01/2013 to fix the problem. Nobody showed up.

4. In 07/02/2013, we have another appointment for follow up visit set up also by the agent Robert. The staff that thankfully showed up said that they could not fix it because it is the pole that needs maintenance.

5. 07/3/2013. We had another appointment set by Cynthia for home security. AGAIN NOBODY SHOWED UP.

6. 07/02/2013. Here we go, on the phone again. This time we spoke with agent Roberto with ID number L43 credit $ 30 for technician no showing (when the bill came, only $10 dollars were credited). After a long, long wait agent Robert transferred me to agent Brandon ID number DLC7ZQ) I paid $ 167. Brandon transferred me to billing department. I was on hold for a long time, and they disconnected me.

7. 07/08/20013. We supposed to have an appointment for this day. They called me at 12 p.m to confirm the appointment. AGAIN NOBODY SHOWED UP.

8. 07/08/2013. Here we go on the phone AGAIN. This time we spoke with agent Paul ID 6H0 credited some money (did showed up in the bill). He refused to make an appointment. He said that someone will call in 7 days to fix the pole. He credited someone money back (it was not totally true). This day we also spoke we Tiana ID number 33730. She put us in hold and told us that someone will call us to schedule an appointment because it looks that we have something schedule in the system.

9. 7/12/2013. Here we go on the phone again. This time we spoke with agent Cynthia ID number INDPPK tried to remotely reset both boxes. She could not get the signal through.

10. 7/13/2013. On the phone again. This time we spoke with Nick phone 561 231 4371. He said that the connection coming to the house is good. He said he would tell the area supervisor to test the local network. He said that he thinks that is nothing wrong with the pole.

11. 07/29/2013. I called Nick to his cell phone because I did not hear from him. He said that he was waiting for me to get a new radar before running a local area test. Now that I have it, he said that he will contact his supervisor to have a test run.

12. 07/31/2013. Since this day as today 08/02/2013 we have no service AT ALL. The screen is black.

13. 08/01/2013. On the phone AGAIN. This time we spoke with agent Michael agent number 1332. After a long, long wait on the phone. He made one of the funniest jokes that I have ever hear in my life. He said he will send someone to fix their horrible service, and because they have an horrible service we have to pay $50 for this appointment. The lack of seriousness of this company has no limits. He set an appointment for this Saturday 08/03/2013. Nevertheless, after all my experience with them I have no hope they will show up and even less to fix the problem.

If you are at the end of being capable of doing something about it, I sincerely hope you do. If you are just another costumer who can be potentially be abused like we were, I hope you learn from our experience.


The problem was at the pole and unfortunately you are at the mercy of the line tech and dispatch. I had that issue before too.

When you spoke to CAEs they probably did schedule a service tech and then when it hit the Dispatch Que they most likely reassigned to a line tech. What was supposed to happen was:

1) Line tech checks in the job with proper resolution codes/fixes

2) Dispatch either sends a message to Customer Support or contacts you to see if the situation was corrected.

3) if it was not corrected then a service tech should have been scheduled to come out to check at the box either in your home or outside and get RF readings (unless the line tech also stated that the line job was not corrected).

I used to work at Comcast sometime ago and this was the procedure that should have been followed. Again, this does not always happen which is what is seen with your frustration.