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comcast came out to hook up new service and did the installation wrong. i had a different technician come out to correct the installation, who decided that the original work was a failed installation and wrote on the work order that there was no charge.

then i got a bill for the second installer. i called comcast with my copy of the second work order in hand, on which the technician had written "failed install, no charge". Comcast told me that they had no way to access their own originals and that the only way they could correct my bill was for me to fax my copy of the original to them; it would not work if i copied my copy of the original and mailed it to them with the bill. furthermore, their local office is only open during hours at which i am at work already.

i refused to use my time to fax something to them that they should already have. the result of this will be that have no cable service unless i go thru satellite. at this point that is just fine with me.

this is disgusting incompetence on par with recent work (or lack of it) done by our congress.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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The original copies are turned in for archive and supervisory purposes and the technician has a copy. These are not even close to a CSRs area.

I would guess the root of the problem may have to do with the new paperless system transition, just a thought, but maybe the tech wasnt authorized to give you free installation even if it was a second trip.

Just fax your copy to the CSR rep who has the ability to drop the charges. It wont take but a few seconds to fax for verification and the problem will be solved.

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