Houston, Texas

I've had comcast at my house twice in the past 2 weeks and they can't fix the problem but still charged me $27.50 service charge. Both times the tech checked the signal at the pole, found good signal.

Then they checked the signal on both my digital t.v.'s , again good signal. They tightened the cable fittings on the t.v.'s and the boxes and left. Both times, within 30 min. after they left, same problem.I called Comcast immediately and was scheduled a new date for repair, 6 days.

I went to their store and they gave me 2 new converter boxes, no help. Same problem. I can't talk to anyone in the U.S.A.

and the Phillipinos don't understand the problem and try to sell me more *** I don't need. I need to know the e-mail or phone # of corporate official who can get things done.

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Sorry, but i've contacted comcast about the use of splitters. Until now still no answer.

I've worked with the same modems in belgium, but we never use splitters because they give problems.

We always used a NIU for connecting the modem and multiple TV's.

Wa have less problems.

I hope that Comcast will listen to me.

Stop using comcast splitters and ask the for an NIU. You may tell them about my answer.

Good luck


the problem could be in the wiring in your home; may need to check it out. just go to comcast home page and click on contact us, and send an email.


Have you called AT&T UVerse? I was having alot of connection problems with Comcast even with Xfinity, and just gave up with them. AT&T came out and set up everything and all is running great, plus it's cheaper now.

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