Portsmouth, New Hampshire

I have had Comcast for 5 years. I can't remember any length of time when I have not had service interruption.

Even after several technicians have come to look at all the wiring inside and out. All they seem to be able to do is offer a "refresh" or maybe replace the cable box. Can anyone in the organization ANYONE - supervisors, line workers, customer service reps, sales reps...I've spoken to them all - recognize a problem?

They all seem to be ok with tiling on tv, dead phone lines and Internet that just turns itself off. When will another company come to my area????

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Comcast took over out local network and ever since its been horribad. Ive got what was sold to me as 'a bundle package' that would, "save you money because your getting internet, HD TV, and phone service all throught the same billing plan."

Well, after a year of uber *** service I called to rework my plan because I was tired of my phones cutting off, friends yelling "Can you hear me?" into their phones, and scratchy cable TV. The representative from COMCast tells me, "your not on any bundle plan, you can cancel the phone service or anyother part of your services and it wont effect any of your billing. We dont have any bundle plan." WTF ?!?!?

My internet, cable, AND PHONES cut off several times a day for 15-30 seconds intervals. Originally I was told this was because of a bad line, which they came out and ran a new line from the pole. It didnt help. Next I was told it was my cablebox, which theyve replaced twice now. It hasnt helped. The last 2 or 3 guys that came out swore it was my LinkSys Router that I needed to replace so I bought one of THEIR routers. It STILL CUTS OFF EXACTLY THE SAME AS BEFORE. This has been going on for over 4months. They are a HORRIBAD COMPANY and Id suggest if they havent already taken over in your area, fight to NOT LET THEM.


I have had a very similar issue. My internet will be fine for a few months then all of a sudden it will stop working throughout the day.

Every time I call them they say that my whole building has "a weak signal" and there is nothing they can do about it...then magically a few days later it will be working fine again.

This last time I was told they could send someone out but they probably couldn't do anything...in which case I would be charged $40 for their "help". I wouldn't be with them still, but nobody else offers internet in our area...

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