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recently my husband signed a bundle agreement with comcast for our home.

after becoming effective, caller id shows with my first name and his last name. this person does not exist.

and the contract was signed by my husband, not by me.

my husband called comcast and was told we would both have to physically visit the local office 15 or so miles away to correct the (comcast generated) problem.

i own a business making it impossible for me to pop into the local office during comcast business hours. nor should i have to. comcast has the information. you just need to correct YOUR mistake.

comcast has the information in our file with my husbands name. we didnt change it, comcast did after first losing our work order completely.

i called shippensburg comcast (our local office) one week ago and spoke with lori who assured me that she or mike would return my call within a few days. ive yet to hear from anyone at comast. during the conversation she pretty much told me there was nothing she could do.

someone from comcast, lori i assume, sent a name change form via regular mail which my husband completed and sent back to the address provided. that also occured last week.

as of 24 sep no change has been made to caller id or our bill for that matter. this is such an easy fix that im getting really irate that comcast refuses to fix THEIR mistake.

my next step is to file a complaint with the bureau of consumer protection or have my state representative look into the issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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