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My mother's senior living facility uses Comcast and provides the cable service as part of the package included with the monthly rent. Imagine my surprise when my mother received a bill sent during to her individual mailbox with her apartment number, from COMCAST/Xfinity for $97 with a threat to turn off her service if she doesn't pay. I called them and said "What is this bill for??" I wanted to know if she had signed up for some extra service --...
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I recently switched from Dish to comcast xfinity because I wasn't satisfied with service provided by Dish, BIG MISTAKE. For the past week I have been losing the signal on one of my 3 tv's. I tried calling a PERSON locally, ( impossible ) I first get a recording with numerous questions, then connected to some *** in the Philippines who I cannot understand, they want me to go thru a whole checklist which I fell for before & didn't solve the...
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90% of Comcast cable has been out for days. The other 10% of cable nobody would ever watch is all broken digital feeds. This exact same thing has happened at least 5 times since I moved into a forced cable system as a rental this past May. I dumped Comcast 10 years ago when I owned my last home ...... FOR THE SAME *** THEY SCREW THERE CUSTOMERS TODAY !! I laugh now at there commercials about this great "customer service" !!! I complained 6 days...
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Comcast Cable Tv Service Review

new hd box upgrade,,,,cannot read the info on the tv screen! very small lettering! i had no problem at all reading my tv screen with my old cable box!
Comcast cable is the worst in my area. It goes out way more than I complain about it but Friday Iwas pissed. I leave work, come shoer and try to watch the news and no freakin cable. After an hour or so, I finally call only to be told that there's no signal from my box, well there was one yesterday. Then the foolishness of unplugging and plugging only to still have no cable. The kicker is that no one can come out til 9/27/16, more foolishness....
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