Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Comcast cable is the worst company I've ever dealt with. Their service is spotty, their techs lie, their customer service people are incompetent.

I wish I did not have to do business with them. We have been arguing for over two weeks to get a simple issue fixed. Twice they have promised to send a tech out to fix it, twice no tech has arrived. When we call to ask why no tech has arrived, we are told we weren't home.

That's a complete crock. We have been home both times a tech has been scheduled to come out. Comcast customer service lies constantly. They do not stand behind their over-priced, unreliable product.

All of those touchy-feely commercials about how they make their mistakes right are a complete lie. If they made their mistakes right, we wouldn't be going two weeks with phone service that cuts out and On Demand that we can't watch. We can't even watch our television because it freezes up.

In short, if you want excellent service shop elsewhere. If you prefer to throw good money away on horrible service and lying tech, then Comcast is certainly the company for you.

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I thought I'd add an update to what we are now calling "The Comcast Saga" in my house. Since my original complaint, we've had Comcast out here twice and the problems still persist.

We have to call once a week because something isn't working. Our On Demand is down at least once a week, the phone is still cutting in and out and the internet still goes down on a whim. We were told by the last tech who was out that there is a problem on the pole. To our knowledge, nobody has been out to check the pole yet.

That was two weeks ago. I am so tired of Comcast, I'm ready to just cancel and go without. They can forget about their early cancellation fee too, they are not providing the service I agreed to.

Comcast has the poorest service I've ever encountered. When we move, I swear, I'm making an effort to move out of Comcast's service area.


You have to call them EVERYDAY to get them to fix whats broke...most of the older techs are lazy and dont know what to do to fix the new technology either, so get the youngest tech you can get, also, they blame it on YOUR equipment until they run out of excuses. I dont like them either, but its the only option I have right now.

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