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i was charged 30 dollars on a return check fee. that never occured .

when i called in my payment by phone i had 1 number on my routing that was wrong so therefore the check never went through. that is an error not a returned check.. how can they charge a fee 30 $$ when it was never routed in the 1st place. when i called to complain asking for a stupidvisor i was on hold for 30 min and still never got a credit as they promised on my next billing which i received and NOT there.

i cant seem to get anyone with any authority to credit me or help me. so now i have to go thru the BBB. help me Howard. this site and any other way i can let everyone know DO NOT USE COMCAST.

and my bill keeps going up.

i am so not done with them yet.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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This issue you are having isn't specific to Comcast, this would happen with pretty much any provider. When you pay by check the company takes it in good faith and can legally make 3 attempts to collect the money.

They can/will charge you a return fee because the #'s you entered for the check were not accurate. You should be mad at yourself for making the error and not at them for charging a fee it says they will charge in their terms/conditions.

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