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When the switch to digital signal happened and we were all forced to rent a box, Comcast also began doing something to their signal to screw up my VCR's ability to record even the active, incoming shows. Now I can't time-shift those shows that are aired (cabled?) too late in the evening for me to stay up and watch.

The bastards did this deliberately to try to force me to RENT their DVR box and service.

Yet another attempt to stick their greedy hands into my pocket. This whole switch to digital signal has been such a scam.

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I guess I'm a bit confused as to why the VCR won't record, but you still don't need to rent a Comcast box. My advice is to invest in a Tivo Premier from Amazon.

(cheaper than Tivo.com) Yes, I'm a devoted Tivo user, but it is a FAR superior product than any cable companies dvr. Comcast is required by the FCC to provide you with a cable card to use in the Tivo.

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