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My main cable line fall in the middle of the street on May 5th and here after calling both Pepco and Comcast to determine who the line belows to. Pepco was the only one that came out right away and treated this issue as an emergency.

Comcast on the other hard non caring and lazying approach to this issue was very disturbing to me and the fact that they only can send a technical out the next business day to fix a problem like this is just unacceptable to me. The Comcast Techician even had the nerve to call and say he was on 30 minutes away and end up showing up a hour later and the wire of course started to hang back down in the streets causing traffic to drive with caution until the problem was finally fixed.

Comcast Customer service really needs some much needed improvement from the basic employee to even the supervisory level. I'm so discussed with them over all.

Eric (Capitol Heights, MD Homeowner)

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I agree. I still don't have a working cablecard in my TV after half a dozen tries.

I gave up after last time, when their "technician" (who looked like he was on work-release) spent half an hour sitting on my floor with my tv's owner's manual before leaving because he had a party to get to. I could install it myself but they refuse to send me one.

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