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The new digital cable only catches about every third word, the words are not in sync with the mouth, the pitcure freezes, when you change channels it takes to long to switch, you cannot tape a program unless you are watching it at the time, (duh). I have heard a lot of people complaining about the same thing... the channels I get are not that great.. i don't get all the channels i used to get. the digital channel is non-existent. I

would prefer to have the old cable i had before the digital hook-up... I really don't have anything good to say about it.

A. Hall, Huntsville, Al

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My HD channels do not work 75% of the time. They want that money though each month, don't they?

I pay extra for a HD DVR, and I can't watch the HD channels without them freezing up constantly. I never had problems like this when I was with charter. My bill was the same amount each month, and was the amount quoted. Comcast lies.

I'd love to get that $163 bill that they told me mine would be each month. So far no bill has been below $280 and I do not get PPV to make it higher.

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