I pay $60 a month for cable and received about 75 channels including unwanted shopping channels.

Comcast recently removed a substantial number of long time standard watchable channels to its “Digital lineup”. As I was paying for access to these channels and am no longer receiving them, I asked Comcast to provide an equitable adjustment. They refused and said I should buy their higher priced "Digital Line Up"

I thought the FCC said cable customers would not be affected by the digital switch. Is this a trend? Now it is 6 or 7 channels, will it be 40 or 50 soon?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

Store Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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No, you need 2 contact your states attorney generals office!


Well, it is not such a big deal to me. I'm glad that MSNBC is gone.

Now I don't have to waste time watching that liberal Keith Olbermann. I flip channels to see what is on as I got to FOX NEWS and *** Keith makes me want to *** You know what happened? I took MSNBC off my channel count so as I go up I skip over it. The next day, Comcast letter comes and I see that MSNBC is going away.

YES! Hallmark was gone as well, and I did watch that sometimes, but it's okay.

And it's FOX NEWS, not FIXED NEWS. FOX is the best with news.


Hey Eva (or should I say Comcast rep Eva) ...***.

I don't care what it breaks down to a day in my opinion they are once again robbing me blind. Yes Spot they will be moving more and more channels to the digital end. I jut got a notice for at least a half dozen with more on the way by July. Soon all I will have left is shopping and foreign language programming. MSNBC goes but Fixed News stays..imagine that.

Get a dish. All the bad you hear about them is cable Co propaganda. All TV comes from a dish ultimately.


Some channels were moved to make room (analog takes up more space than digital when affects emergency personnel communications), or the channels were duplicated on the analog side as well as the digital lineup. and one had to go.Eventually all channels will truly be digital.

$60 is not alot it breaks down to less than $2 a day, People spend more than that on coffee! lol