Mccordsville, Indiana
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Our cable was out due to pool installation; comcast was to bury this Spring when ground thawed. Well, we got "in their line" and after 16 missed or botched calls, they finally got it buried wrong again our neighbors yard.

Even worse, it's been there before, yes they made this error previously, had to dig it back up and doing so, they cut it, leaving us without for five days and no one to fix it, they were busy. I was put on hold one night for two hours then disconnected when the service office closed. I have over 30 contacts, details with every saying oh that is terrible, and not one person has been able to get it done or is willing to accept any responsiblity. I have missed work when they did not show up, but hello,its a driveway job, so they don't need me?

Well apparently they do need me at home to tell them where the driveway is. It is the paved black thing, not the green yard next door. I am sick of hearing that the driveway bore guys are independent contractors - well great but after a few misses, could they get it right> I am exhausted, disgusted and sick of them. Out of this world.

They need to take responsiblity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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In my opinion Comcast has made some terrible changes, first of all the channel guide no longer has the date or day. Second and one of the worse changes, the standby mode which we have no control over, this only happened after the channel guide change. Comcast support told me that it is built into the cable box and not something they did....wrong, and when speaking to customer service they pretend they can't hear me,then I am hung up on.

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